Apple Pencil (2nd generation) MU8F2ZM / A

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Now he can do more. And everything is made easier.
Try attaching the new Apple Pencil to the desired edge of the iPad Pro. Hearing a pleasant, clear click, you will understand how reliable this mount is. Once the pencil is fixed to the device, it automatically pairs with it and starts charging. Apple Pencil also has new interactive features: you can switch tools with a double tap, without interrupting the creative process.
New design: one-piece construction.
The next generation Apple Pencil is even easier and easier to use. It has a one-piece design with no connectors or moving parts, which means it’s easy to store.
The magic of wireless connection. And wireless charging.
The new Apple Pencil starts charging as soon as you magnet it onto the right side of iPad Pro. And then he will create a pair with your device. And you can charge iPad Pro and Apple Pencil at the same time. Magic? Not really. These are magnets.
Open the possibilities with a double tap.
An advanced color management system automatically displays your content in a wide color format. Any image looks great.
A smart tool for art. And not only.
Apple Pencil is your ideal companion for moments of inspiration. Use it to jot down an idea, paint a picture, or sketch an architectural sketch. In addition, the App Store has a variety of Apple Pencil-enabled apps that let you mark up and write comments across documents. It is such a convenient and versatile tool that you won’t want to let go of it.
Great notes.
In the Notes app, you can write and sketch by hand just like on paper. And from the App Store, you can download other note-taking apps that showcase the power of Apple Pencil.
Annotations on emails, screenshots and more.
You can add handwritten comments and sketches to emails. You can even draw directly in office applications like Keynote. It’s also convenient to mark up screenshots. You can take such a picture at any time by simultaneously pressing the side button and the volume up button on the device.
One tool for all arts.
Apple Pencil makes it easy to bring your creativity to life. It can be used to paint with watercolors, create interior designs, retouch photographs and much more. With Apple Pencil, your ideas are instantly shaped.
Advanced technology for sleek lines.
Apple Pencil is packed with advanced technologies that make it so easy to use. You might even feel like you’re holding a real pencil, because Apple Pencil captures hand movements with incredible precision and almost imperceptible latency.
Instant response. Perfect precision.
Apple Pencil is the ultimate precision tool. It is capable of reproducing incredibly thin lines. This makes the Apple Pencil great for both technical drawings and graceful portraits. From a light touch, the line will come out barely perceptible, and if you press harder, it will turn out thicker. Tilt your Apple Pencil and the strokes are very wide. At the same time, the delay between the movement of your hand and the result on the screen is almost not felt.
Everything works out without unnecessary complications.
Take an Apple Pencil and tap it on the iPad Pro display, and it wakes up immediately and opens the Notes app. And when you start writing or drawing, you can lower your palm on the display as if on a piece of paper – your iPad Pro will ignore such touches.
Compatibility: iPad Pro 11 “, iPad Pro 12.9” (3rd generation)
Wireless connection: Bluetooth
Wireless charging capability

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